Healthcare Solution: CongressCare

It’s so simple. The solution to our access to healthcare dilemma is right in front of us: CongressCare. Why shouldn’t every person in the United States have the same access to healthcare that our members of Congress enjoy? I mean, really, why not?

How is it that the elected leaders standing there pushing ways to limit our access to healthcare are the same ones who can use their government insurance to go anywhere they want?

And before anyone says, well, the country can’t afford that, understand that Congress is being paid by our tax dollars. They are on the government payroll. All of them. And somehow we taxpayers can afford to pay for their insurance.

And before anyone says, I don’t want no government insurance, it seems to be working fine for members of congress, their spouses and their children. Has anyone in the US Senate not been able to get their child to the doctor? No, I didn’t think so.

Fellow Americans, I am as serious as I can be. Call your members of congress and your senators and your president to demand CongressCare for everyone. Flood them, overwhelm them, convince them that the American people are just as deserving as they are when it comes to access to healthcare.


Where US citizens get the same access to healthcare as the elected leaders we employ.

Demand it today.



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