Annoucements and Upcoming Events


Do you have an organization and need a speaker? How about some hot topics?
Would you like to know what Karla’s offshore world really looked like? How about a PowerPoint presentation to find out?
Or would you like to know the latest about indie publishing? And what that might mean to you?

I would love to come and join you! Just drop me a line here or at

And did you know…

The Offshore Triumphs is now live on Kindle for $3.99!!!

Events Scheduled:

J Connor Consulting, Inc. Book Signing
Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 1:00 pm
16225 Park Ten Pl # 700  Houston, TX 77084
Industry leader and trailblazer Jodie Connor is hosting
a book signing in the Energy Corridor-Private Event

UHCL presents Small Talk/Big Ideas
In the Company of Walt, Beatrix and Benjamin:
Indie Publishing Then and Now

Tuesday, April 17, 2012, 7:30 am to 9:00 am
University of Houston at Clear Lake,  $15.00 admission
To register go
Seating is limited. To reserve your seat in the conversation by phone, call Kris Thompson at 281-283-2040.
This event is presented by the UHCL Alumni Association. For more information on the association, please visit

Southern Belle Book Club
Saturday, April 28, 2012, 10 am
Bayou Vista

UH Clear Lake Official Book Tour Launch: Book Signing and PowerPoint Presentation
What would Karla’s offshore world really have looked like? The rigs? The helicopters? The gritty work?
Come join us for a PowerPoint presentation to have a look at just that! Stick around for a free reception and
book signing. Enjoy fabulous nibbles created by the inventive Cindy Smith!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 6:30pm to 8:30
University of Houston-Clear Lake
2700 Bay Area Boulevard  Houston, TX 77058

Garden Room and Atrium I

Give An Inventor a Shove Day

I log on to the computer and look at more sad news coming from conflicts across the world. And my simple mind comes to the conclusion that what this world needs is a brand-new invention. Something life-altering like railroads, electrification, moving pictures, airplanes, computers. Something that would alter the very infrastructure and commerce of society. All these deadly and futile wars are really about sources of income. What we need is a new industry. Ideas? Let’s hear them. Here is my idea. Personal flying transportation devices. Something akin to the jet packs we were promised as kids. Imagine how society-changing that would be. Imagine moving just above tree level along designated flight paths. Imagine all the positive sources of revenue this whole new industry could generate. Why not imagine it? Why not create it? Somebody smarter than me needs to get on the ball with this. Where are the inventors? You probably know one. Let’s make this, March 12, 2012, Give An Inventor a Shove Day.

Now before anyone even thinks it, reject those thoughts regarding the dangers of personal flight. Every mode of transportation can get you killed, including walking. If you move off your spot you might get killed. And if you sit on your spot you might get killed by a storm or a meteor.

Remember, my generation was promised jet packs and telephones that would show your face as you spoke. Well, with Skype, we got half that. I want my jet pack and I want it soon.

See what happens when I get a day off? Go out and see what you can discover or invent! Happy Spring Break!

A Most Special Day Indeed


Thanks to the many people who came out to see me at Barnes & Noble on Saturday, March 3, 2012. It was my very first Big Time book signing! I visited with old friends and new friends, dearest family members and even some perfect strangers! A sweet young woman named Bethany even taught me to Tweet!

My thanks also to Chris and Laura, two great associates at Barnes & Noble for their warm welcome and hospitality. As far as I know, we started with 62 books, and I believe we sold 55! More events are in the works as I strive to get more people excited about the book.

That said, don’t forget…if you like the book (or love it!) go to to write a review for Barnes & Noble, and you can copy and paste the same review to to post it on Amazon. A review doesn’t have to be very long…just a few lines to say what you liked about it. I cannot thank you enough for this additi0nal time spent on my behalf…reviews are vital to the launch of this book! Many, many thanks!