Poems for Because

Poems for sorrow
Poems for joy
Poems that somehow must employ
Words that matter
Rhymes that zip
Cadences that roll off lips.

Poems for laughter
Poems for mirth
Poems that make you question worth
Of putting words
In certain form
To harken back to “Nevermore.”

Dare you say it
Dare you try
To put out meanings for all and I
Find challenges
In all such things
Dare to see what joy it brings.

Go to bed now
Sleep must come
Must be ready for then and some
Renewal days
And weeks and months
Careful to avoid the slumps.

Dorothy Hagan
March 20, 2017


Skipping the Dam Tour

On driving in…rocks, rocks.
Lots of rocks.

Mountains majestic…and desert bare.
Rocks, rocks. Lots of rocks.

My origins from East
Make West alien.

Arresting, rugged, tall, these rocks.
Mighty H dam is dizzying in scope.

So the tour…signage thus:
DO NOT enter if you…
Have a pacemaker.
No, but I plan to need one.
Have a defibrillator.
No, but also on my to-do list.
Are claustrophobic.
Bingo! No dam tour for me!

But no worries…none.
Sitting outside taking in sun.
People watching while sipping the bean,
Contemplating in a state of serene,
How they tamed these rocks and made them mind,
A more interesting place you’re not likely to find,
Amid rocks. Rocks.
Lots of rocks.

Dorothy Hagan
March 13, 2017



Healthcare Solution: CongressCare

It’s so simple. The solution to our access to healthcare dilemma is right in front of us: CongressCare. Why shouldn’t every person in the United States have the same access to healthcare that our members of Congress enjoy? I mean, really, why not?

How is it that the elected leaders standing there pushing ways to limit our access to healthcare are the same ones who can use their government insurance to go anywhere they want?

And before anyone says, well, the country can’t afford that, understand that Congress is being paid by our tax dollars. They are on the government payroll. All of them. And somehow we taxpayers can afford to pay for their insurance.

And before anyone says, I don’t want no government insurance, it seems to be working fine for members of congress, their spouses and their children. Has anyone in the US Senate not been able to get their child to the doctor? No, I didn’t think so.

Fellow Americans, I am as serious as I can be. Call your members of congress and your senators and your president to demand CongressCare for everyone. Flood them, overwhelm them, convince them that the American people are just as deserving as they are when it comes to access to healthcare.


Where US citizens get the same access to healthcare as the elected leaders we employ.

Demand it today.



Jumping Jack Fancies

Inspiration is everywhere
It’s on my fingers and in my hair
It’s on the streets
It’s in the yards
It’s in the treats
It’s in the hard
Est parts of living, breathing, never sleeping.
Inspiration is jumping free
Springing from every pore on me.

Cannot write it fast enough
Now there’s an idea on my cuff
Of the dress I’m not wearing
Of the figure I’m not sharing
Because while ideas are plump
I’d rather not be.

Dorothy Hagan
March 9, 2017

With My Buddy L’Oreal

In time to go from brown to blonde
I can ponder things of which I’m fond
Traveling, eating, writing, sleeping
Seeing friends with which to bond.

Wondering about the months ahead
Worrying over words I’ve said
Learning, planning, burning, scanning,
All this while colors bind my head.

Dorothy Hagan, March 8, 2017

Lost Dad

Dad the Secret
Dad the Dread
Dad and empty words he said.

Dad the Absent
Dad the Lost
Dad I wanted at any cost.

Dad the Guilty
Dad the Frail
Dad who always seemed to fail.

Dad the Gone now
Dad the Still
Dad the Sorrow that always will.

Dorothy Hagan
March 7, 2017

First Cats

First of own was Ringo Starr,

Whitest cat I’ve had by far

Before him though was Shashie black

First one I ever almost smacked

Took my bologna and scratched me good

Me just four so I guess he could

Snatch that meat with sharpest pinchers

My Aunty pegged him The Bologna Snitcher.

But Mom said to forgive him

Because he liked bologna.