Creative Writing Workshops: Houston, Texas

Come and join us for some informal creative writing workshops this June. These sessions will be Saturday mornings, June 2, 9, 16 and 23, from 9 am to 12 noon. Details below. Come to one workshop or enjoy all four. Each session will include writing activities, assignments and in-class critiques. Sessions promise to be informative, creative and boatloads of fun!

Session One: Are You a Writer and If So, What Kind?

Has the time come to embrace your inner writer?

Is it time to determine if there exists within you a novelist, a playwright, a poet, a biographer or a journalist? How do you get started? What is the process? Can you get published?


Session Two: Embracing Your Story


How do you begin the process? What’s the secret to writing? What are you going to write?

Do you need to do research? Where can you get information? What’s a copyright?

How many pages? What’s the structure? Should my family read it?


Session Three: Honing the Craft for Writing Excellence


What is your passion? Fiction? Non-fiction? Poetry? What are some types of each? What is point of view?

How are characters developed? How are settings created? What is denouement? What is a draft? How many revisions are necessary? What are critique partners? What about rejection?


Session Four: Can I Get My Work Published?


What are the avenues of publication? Do I need an agent? What is a query letter?

What is indie publishing? What is traditional publishing? What is an ebook and POD technology?

What kind of marketing will be involved? What is a serialization?


Time: Saturdays 9:00 a.m.-12 noon

Dates: Saturdays, June 2, 9, 16 and 23, 2012

Location: University of Houston-Clear Lake

Bayou Building: Room B1104

Cost: $20.00 per session, materials included

Note: These are non-credit, informal workshops. This program is not endorsed or affiliated with UHCL or the LITR program.     


Dorothy Hagan is the author of The Edge of the Grace Period, 2000, and its companion novel, The Offshore Triumphs of Karla Jean, 2012. Hagan earned a BA in the Humanities from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. She has taught Pre-K to 12th grade and is currently teaching GED and ESL classes to adults. To reserve your spot please send an email to:

13 thoughts on “Creative Writing Workshops: Houston, Texas

    • Hi, Joan.

      I will definitely let you know. These sessions are now fleshed out, organized, fun, and I believe, effective! We did many in-class exercises that were helpful and informative. I will be holding more sessions other places around the Houston area. I may also offer individual sessions to groups on specific topics such as publishing, fiction writing, memoirs, family histories, etc. If you have something in particular you would like to learn about, let me know. Perhaps we can join for that purpose!

      Thank you for your time and interest.

      Dorothy Hagan


      • I would be very interested in family history and memoirs. My 10 year old granddaughter is the true writer in the family.


      • Joan, it would be my pleasure to share information regarding compiling family histories and memoirs. I will at some point be hosting more workshops around Houston, however, something I am organizing now is essentially in-home writing workshops…sort of a Tupperware Party for writing exercises and instruction! This is something you, your interested friends, and your grand-daughter could all attend and find useful. Does this sound like something you might want to consider? As I said, I am working out details now.


      • I would be interested in your writing program. I have one other friend and also my husband who are interested. I will continue to ask other people I meet if they are interested. Thank you. Joan


  1. Hello, I saw the notices about your classes but then could not remember where so missed the June classes, I am really interested so please do another set. I would also be interested in private or semi-private sessions if you are still willing. Thanks


    • Hi, Danielle. Sorry it’s taken me some time you reply.

      I have recently accepted a full-time teaching position so I won’t be offering the weekend classes again until perhaps the spring. If you would like to find something sooner I believe Leisure Learning Unlimited ( has some classes available this fall. Good luck in your writing endeavors!


  2. I am interested in just being better when writing…i really don’t have any aspirations to be a fiction, novel, or poetry writer…i just want to improve my writing…is this course for me? Thanks.


    • Hi, Mike. These workshops are quite informal and entirely focused on fiction. However, to improve you writing, you might pick up The Elements of Style by Strunk and White. It helps to really zero in on what you want to convey to your reader in any setting. Good luck with your writing challenges!


    • Hi, Liz.
      So far I have not scheduled any workshops for the spring. I am teaching full-time but may have something in June. I will keep your email and alert you if you are still interested. Happy writing!


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