Writing Workshops Coming to Houston, Texas

Greetings, friends! As always, thanks for visiting this blog.

Come and read the great news! There are writing workshops coming soon to Houston, Texas! Check out the information below.

Three Kinds of Writers

Since earnestly stepping into the world of writing in 1995, I have come to believe there lies within in it three kinds of writers. First, there are the people who have long suspected they have a gift with words, but have never personally or publicly acknowledged it. The next group is comprised of those folks who have somewhat embraced their writing proclivities, and have actually begun writing, perhaps having composed a few poems and possibly even a book, play or script. Finally there is the group of people who have completed at least one entire writing project (or two or ten), and may even have submitted this work professionally, but have not yet seen it published for a multitude of reasons. I am going to seize creative license and label these groups as the following:

The Fledglings

The Tenderfoots

The Rhinos

It is my belief that anyone brave enough to verbalize “writer” and “myself” in any meaningful context, deserves some help along their journey of artistic fulfillment. Since determining that my personal greatest gifts are writing and teaching, I am embarking on my own next-level-up, and will be putting together and offering some writing workshops in the Houston, Texas area. I am going to start slow and gauge the need and interest. My next blog post will include the first location and cost, which will be minimal. I just need to cover the cost of venue and supplies.

So ponder on where you might fall in that list of groups, understanding that none of them stop and start exactly. I will create the workshops to fit the needs of writers where ever they may be, and to boot, I promise we will have a boatload of fun in the process.

If you or someone you know has an interest in a workshop, please drop me an email at: dothagan@aol.com

Come join us and fulfill your creative destiny!

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