The Baby Is Born and It’s in the Nursery

The high hopes for a consistent blog were derailed in November but, alas, what I was building up to has come to fruition.

After twelve years away from publishing, my new novel is about to be released. The Offshore Triumphs of Karla Jean, Iuniverse, 2012, has gone live. It is in the rollout process, which I am finding quite interesting. It is currently available in softback and hardback at Iuniverse, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It will be available on Kindle and Nook quite soon. Ebooks are the last format in the rollout. Amazon has a great page on the book’s behalf where you can look at the book, examine the covers and read quite a few pages for free.

This blog will be a website quite soon. The next part of this journey will be brand new for me, and I plan to blog about the whole indie experience, which includes this new phase of marketing. I do hope you will join me.

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