Indie Author Before It Was Cool

In early 1996 I finished the first draft of a first novel then titled Brookline, Texas. For the next four years I queried, submitted, revised, ground my teeth, queried, submitted, revised, pulled out my finger nails, queried, submitted revised…oh, I failed to mention got rejected DOZENS of times. I had all but given up when something called iUniverse came to life. It offered print on demand technology, soon to be known as POD, and for about $600, a way to publish my book. Since I had easily spent far more than this on Writer’s Markets, Jeff Herman’s Guides, copies, supplies, and postage, it seemed like a no-brainer. So…in what seemed like no time my book was published, beautifully, professionally and finally. The new title became The Edge of the Grace Period and it is still quite available all over the place. I have a small but interested following, and plan to offer them more.

In just a few months from now I will be publishing again with iUniverse. The Offshore Triumphs of Karla Jean is a companion novel to the first one, however, it completely stands alone for new readers. In eleven years time the publishing world has been turned upside down. And in just the last two years “self-published” has become “indie author.” I briefly considered going the traditional publishing route. I sent out exactly one query to a nurtured contact, and got exactly zero response. So…here comes another “indie” novel from Dorothy Hagan. It is my fervent hope it is enjoyed by many readers.

About dorothyhagan

Teacher and author. Have taught ages Pre-K to 60, ESL and GED, public and private schools. Published The Edge of the Grace Period in 2000. The Offshore Triumphs of Karla Jean was published in 2012.
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5 Responses to Indie Author Before It Was Cool

  1. SueAnne says:

    Good luck!!


  2. Dorothy, I am so very excited for you! Your enthusiasm for your work and your pursuit of your dream inspire me. I also admire you for taking the plunge into the techo world! You Go GIRL!


  3. Betty says:

    Go Dorothy, put me on the wait list to buy the new book. Can’t wait for Karla Jean to triumph!


  4. Wanda says:

    Can’t wait to buy the new book so let me know when it is available. I am so excited for you! You inspire me to keep going and not give up my dreams and I thank you for that!


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