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The First Thousand Words…Are on the Page

The first thousand words have given birth to…no… The first thousand words have been launched into…eh… The first thousand words have…maybe…taken flight…total bleh… The first thousand words…are on the page. There we go. That will suffice. There are few experiences … Continue reading

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Stand Tall When It Matters

The following is an excerpt from my unpublished second novel The Governor Who Arose From Crude. This story is a fictional “biography” of Polly Parker, the little known Parker who becomes the third-only female Governor of Texas during the 1990’s. … Continue reading

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Old Gal Rap

Another day to see and be, a day of opportunity, a day for me to make my plea, a day to prove this comes E Z to me. Rappin’ and clappin’ , creating a song, keep the words coming, doesn’t … Continue reading

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A Plug of One’s Own

While slurping my morning coffee, to my utter astonishment, I opened an email from Amazon asking me to give 1-5 stars for a list of books which somehow included both of my own. They’re kidding, right? Taking the bait, I … Continue reading

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Sushi in Two Bites? Don’t Judge Me, Stephen

Not long ago, while sharing some sushi rolls with my eldest daughter, I sliced one in half and consumed the bite. “You can’t do that,” said the Daughter. “Sure I can, ” says I. “Mom…you’re already not using chopsticks, how … Continue reading

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B is for Buy This Book

Okay, with all due respect to Sue Grafton and her enormously clever list of titles, it seems that since mentioning her in a post, I have had an awesome increase in traffic, well-deserved or not. So…thank you, Ms. Grafton, for … Continue reading

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A is for Apology

Being a fan of fairness and civility, I wanted to share that Sue Grafton (her very own self) alerted me to the knowledge that she had in fact offered an apology to the indie publishing community, following some not-very-well received … Continue reading

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